Hoover And Sons Service Department Review from Hercules, California

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My experience was not good at all. I took my car here to have my transmission serviced.

After the boss saying that they couldn't fix my car unless I paid 4000.00 I went to pick my car up and he went flying by me up Fenton rd. He was driving my car so fast that he didn't even see me. So I went in inside and asked the big dude at the counter. Where's my car going and he said, "Uhhhh" I think the boss just took it for a test drive.

Which made no sense! I said yeah he just blew right by me flying really fast up Fenton rd. The guy said, "Uhhh" I better give him a call and tell him get back here" I said what's your boss's name, he would look up at me and mumbled "chuck". I just went back out of the shop so I didn't say the words that were in my mouth.

So we waited and waited and waited! Finally her comes back up Fenton rd. Driving really slow. I said, "so what did you find out on the test drive?" He said, "Uhhh" that your transmission is slipping.

I said what was the test drive again for? Be said, "I wanted to see if your light would come on" once again I just kept quiet! Then they charged me 50.10 to tell me they can't fix my car. They said that was for time my car was there.

I will never ever go here again.

Those that have had good experiences with this place, great! But I wouldn't recommend this business!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Hoover And Sons - Engine Installation Review from Flint, Michigan

Not resolved

I had a new engine put in my Firebird many years ago. But since I found this site I thought I would share.

They put the engine in my car and it did not run properly, I took it back they made some changes and it still did not run properly. It overheated and the metal tabs we're still good which ment a faulty engine or a problem due to installation. They said since I paid for the extra warranty that it was covered 100% because it was due to the engine being faulty. After they did the work they called and told me the warranty place went bankrupt and I had to pay them another 2600 dollars to have my car back.

It never ran correctly since.

And after all the money they got me for I could have bought another car or had the engine installed at a legitament business. So I will just be weary of the company because they do shady work.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.


White Lake Township, Michigan, United States #1308073

Look at him smiling at you! He's smiling because he thinks he is going to get your money!

to Anonymous Flint, Michigan, United States #1308266



Yep, That's CHUCK HOOVER. He needs your money, you don't.

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